I’m Elad Ossadon, a Devigner (developer with style) from San Francisco, CA. Originally from Tel-Aviv, Israel.

I've been delivering web development with various technologies since 1999.

Nowadays I’m a consultant and contract developer, with a focus on front-end and back-end infrastructure, integration of client and server side technologies and best-practices led UI implementation. In my consulting capacity I pride myself on paying attention to the very smallest of details. As a developer, I use variety of technologies such as:

Ruby on Rails, MySQL, MongoDB, Memcache, Redis, Neo4j, Solr, TDD w/ RSpec, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Compass+Sass, RegExp, iOS, Objective-C, Cocoa

My latest passion is creating, a social network for professionals and their work tools.

I am the former CTO of Mantis and have been involved with several start-up teams over the years, including Gogobot, 5min/AOL.ON and others. Check out my work under Projects below.


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User profile

Setapp is a network for professionals, their apps and tools.

I work on this project, in all its aspects:

  • Social network features: Feed, profiles, groups
  • Use of Neo4j Graph database
  • Recommendation engine based on user's graph
  • A to Z deployment for Ruby on Rails site, databased and workers, on multiple Ubuntu servers, with capistrano
  • Mac OS X Cocoa client, syncs between desktop application list and profile
Period of work: 2012-Today


For anything you would like to say, email me: